Application Notice for Medical Internship

Applications for medical interns are open from 22 August – 5 September. Please note that facilities belong to complexes and successful applicants will be required to rotate through complex facilities in order to complete the different modules of Internship. For more information on complex structures refer to this document.

Applications for EHPs, Nurses, Medical Practitioners and Pharmacists have been extended to 26 August 2019 up until midnight.

Applications for EHPs are now OPEN

Please be informed that application is now open for Environmental Health Practitioners on ICSP. It is important to note that backlog applicants will be considered first then followed by the remaining applicants . Closing date for applications has been extended to 26 August 2019.

Applications for Annual 2020 OPEN

  • Applications for Community service Medical Practitioners, Professional Nurses and Pharmacists are OPEN from 6 August – 26 August 2019.
  • Application for Allied Health Professionals is now CLOSED.
  • Please note that the Medical Interns Application process will be opening soon (i.e. after accreditation confirmation is received from HPCSA which is in line with the new training model)
  • Applicants who are not pre-registered in ICSP online may register for an account. Proof of registration from the relevant Professional Council is required before you can proceed with your application. Please note: Account creation may take up to 48 hrs to complete.

The ICSP system is open for Applications. Please note the following:

  •  This cycle applies to all applicants who expect to assume appointment for internship, or Community Service, on 1st January 2020 – 31 march 2020.
  • Applicants who will only be available to assume duty after 1st April 2020 should not apply for posts in this cycle, and will have to apply for posts when the system open for the Mid-Year Cycle in 2020;
  • Registration details must be verified before proceeding to the application stage;
  • Applicants who have not confirmed their registration details will still be able to do so, while the application phase is open;
  • There is no advantage to apply early on in the process, since the allocation algorithm will run after applications close and does not take into account when the application was submitted in the allocated time period.
  • Applications are NOT yet open for Medical Internships    
  • The application guide for applicant can be found in ICSP Help or here 

Verifications for Annual 2020 are OPEN

Verifications for allied health professionals is now CLOSED. Verification is OPEN for Group 2: Community Service: Medical Practitioners, Professional Nurses, Pharmacists, Environmental Health Practitioners; and Medical Interns. Applicants that have been pre-registered into ICSP Online for the 2020 annual cycle will receive two (2) emails to gain access to the system to complete the verification process.
  • Step one (1): Click on the link in the first email received from ICSP to create an account on the ICSP system.
  • Step two (2): Copy and paste the code from the second email received from ICSP into the required field from step one (1) to create your password.
  • Step three (3): Click Update Personal Information to verify your details on the ICSP system.
For additional information on verification process please refer to FAQ on the info site

Applications for Midyear Cycle 2019 is now CLOSED!

Please note that ICSP Online is currently closed for applicants for the 2019 midyear cycle to apply. The results for the 2019 Midyear cycle are now out, you can log in to view your allocation status. Kindly be reminded that an allocation does not constitute an employment offer

Undecided about your facility choices for internship or community service?

Let us help you make a more informed choice! Explore the service offerings, amenities and characteristics of the facilities you are interested in, OR even discover facilities you haven't considered yet

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Discover rural South Africa and all it has to offer during your community service year! Find out from previous applicants about their experiences going rural and how you could make the most of your community service year providing health care to the most underserved communities.

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Registration Verification

All users will be pre-registered on the ICSP Online System. After receiving your email notification with your login details, you MUST login and verify your information


Users will be notified when the system will open for applications. Users MUST complete their application and provide all necessary documentation for an application to be considered

Swops & Appeals

After the allocation process, applicants will be allowed to swop post allocations with each other. If you are still unhappy with your allocation, you may also appeal to the committee for reconsideration

Final Allocations & Contracting

Once final allocations have been published, applicants must indicate acceptance or rejection of the post before provinces commence with contracting processes.

Helping you through your ICSP journey

Self Help

The ICSP User guide, FAQs sections and user tutorials provide all the necessary information to help users navigate the ICSP Online system easily.

Call Centre

More help is available through our competently staffed Call Centre. Agents can be reached via email, online ticketing or phone call during office hours.