What is ICSP Online?

The ICSP Online system is an electronic platform that has been developed for the National Department of Health by HISP-SA. The system was developed to help manage the internship & community service programme so that the application & allocation of posts is fair & equitable.  The system is divided into 3 simple processes for users; user registration verification & post application, post allocation, swops & appeals. For more information on each of these processes read through the handbook in the ICSP Help section.

About ICSP

ICSP stands for the internship and community service programme.  It is a requirement to be fulfilled by most health science professionals after completion of their undergraduate degree.  These programmes are designed to prepare health professionals for independent practice as well as to provide the South African health system with resources for health in communities and facilities that need it the most.


The purpose of an internship programme is to allow interns to convert previously acquired theoretical knowledge into activities related to professional practice, and to apply newly acquired practical knowledge and skills, under the supervision of a senior health professional.  Internships are carried out only at HPCSA accredited sites across South Africa.

Community Service

The Community Service Policy (CSP) in the health sector was introduced as an important intervention to ensure the availability of human resources in under-serviced areas and also to provide an enabling environment for new professionals to acquire experience. In terms of the CSP health professionals are legally required to complete a year of community service

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