Can I come to the National Department of Health or contact a departmental official directly to discuss my case?

No. All communication concerning internship and community service placements should be chanelled through the Call Centre. This ensures that there is a documented trail or official record of all discussions regarding your issue.

There is a 3 step process to resolving your allocation problems:

1) Your raise a ticket number, and if the Call Centre official is unable to resolve your query a case is opened.

2) Your case is discussed by a senior official and the outcome communicated to you via the Call Centre.

3) For more complex cases, an appointment is made to meet with a senior official to resolve your case.

You will note that there is no provision for an applicant to elect to visit the National Department of Health and demand to see an official unless they have an appointment that has been confirmed by the Call Centre.

Meetings with applicants are structured so as not to disrupt the day to day administrative processes and ultimately impact on the ability to complete allocations on time.

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