How do I obtain the release letter when I have finished community service as a pharmacist

If you are employed at public institutions like Hospitals and clinics, are released by the head of Pharmaceutical Services(HOPS) at various provinces after completion of 365 days and a favorable report from the facility manager/CEO of the Hospital or District.

If you are employed at Community Pharmacies (CCMDD) or other partners who are seconded by the National Department of Health, you download the following form: (CSP_Release_letter_template_2019). The form must be completed by the manager/owner of the pharmacy and sent with the required documents, as per the letter template. This can be done 30 days before release date; however, the date of release can only be on the day the CSP was registered with the SAPC. The documents should be e-mailed to Mandi Bhembe at:

Please note: For foreign applicants, an endorsement letter from Foreign Workforce indicating where the candidate will be working going forward must be submitted with the release letter. This is required by the SAPC for them to affect the release.

To obtain an endorsement letter, Foreign workforce requires a proof of placement signed by the Director General of the National Department of Health along with the Contract of employment from the facility. These should be e-mailed to Miyelani Malungan at:

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