What do I do if: I get a blank screen or wheels just spinning after logging in and attempting to apply?

This can occur if “old” data is still being held on your device.  Clearing your browser cache, where temporary data is held,  should resolve the problem.

What to do on a PC:

  • On the top right hand corner of screen there are 3 vertical dots (⋮). Click it.
  • Select More tools, then Clear browsing data
  • A screen will open. Click on the tick box 1)Cookies and Other data, and 2) Cached images and files. Do not tick Clear browsing history. Click Clear data.
  • Close the page and open again, login and you should see the Application Page.

What to do on an Android device:

  • Open the Chrome browser and tap the Menu button ().If you don’t see this, you may need to pull down on the page.
  • Tap Settings in the menu that appears.On smaller phones, you may have to scroll the menu down to see it.
  • Tap Privacy in the AdvancedThis will open a new menu.
  • Scroll down and tap Clear Browsing Data.This button is at the bottom of the Privacy menu.
  • Ensure that Cache and Cookies, Site data are checked and then tap Clear. This will delete the cache for Google Chrome.
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