What should I do if I get an error when I try to access the Application section?

Four or more scenarios are possible and you can be assisted through our friendly User Support Team.

  1. No Current Enrollment ( you could have been Allocated in the previous Cycle and could not start) then you will see a similar picture like below:

2.  Wrong Username or password. If you use the wrong username then you will see the message ” Account recovery – Sorry, we were not able to restore your account. The username might be invalid, your account might not permit restore or you might have entered an invalid email address for your account”.

3.  Your Username linked to your Passport or ID number could not be found please complete the Registration form.

4.  Network Challenges.  We urge you to make sure that your network is working properly. Then you clear the cache and start over again.

For further inquiries, Applicants are advised to contact our Friendly User Support Team logging a ticket by clicking here.

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